Mobile Devices — The New Business Tools

Mobile Devices — The New Business Tools
Choosing — and Equipping — the Right Mobile Device for Your Workforce

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work market is exploding. In 2014 it was just $30 billion, but it’s currently predicted to hit a staggering $367 billion by 2022.

There are several compelling factors that have fostered this upward trajectory in mobile usage for business applications.

For example, companies using mobile devices in the workplace through BYOD have found they can save up to $350 per year for each employee — and those employees can increase their productivity by 34%. Over time, this can translate into an additional 240 hours of work every year from office staff — about six additional weeks or about $5,000 worth of productivity.

In response to these benefits, employers have jumped on the BYOD bandwagon and remote work situations have increased 91% over the last decade, a number that suggests that by 2020, almost half of the workforce will be working remotely in some way.

Having a mobile or remote workforce can be a definite asset for your business — if you understand how to fully access the functionality of mobile devices in the workplace environment.

That’s where having the expertise of a competent managed mobile services (MMS) provider in your corner can be a real asset.

4 Ways to Leverage the Power of Mobile Devices for Your Organization

In order to get the most from your mobile fleet, you’ll want to tap into the features of smartphones and tablets that allow you to zero in on productivity and cost management while keeping mission-critical data safe and secure.

We’ve implemented four ways that managed mobile services can help you turn your employees’ mobile devices into productivity and performance powerhouses:

1. Taking Advantage of Mobile Cloud Applications

Mobile cloud applications provide infrastructure that allows for the processing and storage of data to occur outside the mobile device, saving battery life, improving reliability, and increasing processing speed for better flexibility and quicker response times.

Cloud apps can help streamline workflows and automate tasks to help businesses realize the best return on investment.

2. Integration with Document Management

Usability is critical when your employees are relying heavily on their mobile devices to get work done. That’s why having a document management system that is easily integrated with existing devices is so important.

A usability-optimized mobile document management system will provide:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to documents
  • Powerful document and content search features
  • Clean, easy-to-navigate layouts
  • Complete and simple to search database
  • Simple document sharing features to send, receive, and edit documents
  • Security features to protect data

Document management systems will help your mobile employees easily collaborate with customers and office-based staff for faster resolution of problems, better productivity, and greater flexibility.

3. Gaining Insight Through Auditing

Auditing employee usage of mobile devices can assist savvy employers in pinpointing how platforms are being used, determining the extent of data needs and usage, and identifying areas of security risk and cost reduction.

Understanding how much data employees need to perform their daily tasks will help businesses choose the most cost-effective wireless plan, operating platforms, and apps for cost management and savings.

4. Securing Your Data on Mobile Devices

With cybercrime on the rise, it’s critical to protect your data not just on office-based machines, but for your mobile computing workforce.

Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to provide secure network connectivity and use secure passwords or even two-factor authorization for each device.

Device encryption, antivirus applications, and ensuring all devices are equipped with the latest hardware and software patches and updates are critical tasks for a mobile-centric workforce.

Outfit Your Mobile Workforce Effortlessly with Solutions from Point Management

Having the right level of functionality for your mobile devices is important to keep your business running smoothly, and there are essential features that can help reduce costs, stimulate productivity, and keep your data protected — all while driving revenue and results.

At PointManagement, we offer secure mobile solutions that are easy to deploy — whether you have a few employees or hundreds.

Our onsite services give you fast access to repair, installation, and training and our asset management and expense management programs allow lifecycle tracking and auditing to give you firm control over costs.

At the same time, our team of certified EMM experts understands the best configurations to enhance device security and our PointMan ExchangeTM features a special courier that hand-delivers devices for exceptional accountability.

Ready to gain access to the benefits of a mobile workforce? Contact a PointManagement professional today and learn how to get started.