About Us

The Beginning


PointManagement began in 2005 with a single customer, Penske Corp, for whom we provisioned, maintained, and supplied their printer fleet. Our unique system of advance/replacement repairs with “fully refurbished, not just repaired” printers was a hit with customers managing mission-critical printers in hundreds or thousands of locations.

PointManagement’s service process saved time for the end user and the help desk. New and replacement printers arrived with the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway pre-loaded so the end user could quickly get working.

This meant ticket resolution was swift — 98.3% resolved overnight rather than the 3.8 business days it took prior to PointManagement. As a result, Penske’s help desk call volume decreased by 23%, asset life was extended by 3 years, and CapEx for contract printers decreased 38%

Things Get Busy


With results like that, more customers, like La Quinta, Hertz, and UPS came aboard.

We continued innovating, designing a custom case for Hertz’ two-part printer to enable advance exchange with no damage in transit. To magnify results, we added under-the-counter installation of the replacement printer to the hot-swap advance replacement model, with the defective units shipping back to us for full refurbishment. Hertz deferred over $9M in CapEx for 6 additional years and named us “IT Partner of the Year.”

We configured the service similarly for PC and notebook configuration/deployments, repair, and refresh services, including onsite installation and maintenance services.

This is when we learned of a universal problem: The end user gets the replacement device but doesn’t send the defective unit to the repair depot, despite the enclosed instructions. We had to invent a better way than traditional methods.

PointMan Exchange™ is Born


To fix this issue for clients, we integrated logistics and field sales operations to develop PointMan Exchange™.  Our process involves sending the replacement unit to the customer site with a specialized tech courier service. The courier doesn’t release the replacement unit until the site hands over the defective/replaced device. We make up to 3 attempts with custom escalation along the way.

Typical results: Customers losing 13% to 26% of their RMA/Refresh shipment returns were now receiving 99.5% of the returning assets back to the depot. The ROI on the service was a hit, and PointMan ExchangeTM remains an important service to our customers.

The Early Extension to Mobile: Motorola-Zebra and Rental Car Companies


Hertz liked PointMan Exchange™ so much, they asked to extend the process to their mobile scanners and printers. PointManagement became a Motorola and Zebra Partner, handling deployment and configuration processes with the same remarkable results.

Best Practices Managed Print


Printer services were enhanced with PointMan’s own brand of Managed Print Services that includes built-in solutions that solve waste problems that others don’t:

  • Toner and parts shipments are labeled to the exact printer that ordered them
  • The software doesn’t order an extra cartridge every time someone takes a cartridge out to shake it, and puts it back in

Our customer-driven strategy saves 30% vs. the OEM-driven strategy – and delivers better results.

Mobility Extension and Full Lifecycle Services


Finally, we extended our industrial mobile device services to tablets and smart phones through partnerships with Gartner Magic Quadrant Mobile SaaS and EMM companies.

We further integrated our logistics and field services systems to give our customers superior results behind a single portal, solving some complex problems for enterprises with large fleets of mobile devices along the way, such as:

  • A $10B global manufacturer of elevators and escalators, with thousands of field service engineers enabled by tablets, needed help with their mobility program. We gave them everything they were looking for and reduced their wireless carrier expenses by over $5M in year 1.
  • An $8B specialty construction retailer connected their mobility teams to automate end-to-end workflow and enable vastly improved interoperability. They saved over $6.5M on wireless carrier expense in the first year following implementation.
  • A $92B health insurance provider was having difficulty getting reliable stock and distribution of mobile devices to their 14,000 end users. With us, they saw order/ship mean time decreased from 4.2 days to zero. Fill rates improved from 89.6% to 99.87%. And they saved money on the direct cost of mobile devices, too.

Our customer base grew as large enterprises continue to seek the ever-changing high-water mark in telecom management. The demand for Fixed and Mobile Telecom managed services on a single portal grew, and PointManagement was there to accommodate both sides of the house in a single, integrated, portal.

Today, PointManagement continues to innovate in both managed print and managed mobility/telecom with best practices logistics processes and systems integrated with Gartner Magic Quadrant SaaS.