Mobile Managed Services

Fixed and Mobile Management in One Solution

Plan and Provision

We advise enterprise mobile leaders on assessing every aspect of the current process stem to stern. We apply our expertise to create and execute a mobile blueprint specific to your needs while maximizing the use of workflow automation for the best ROI.


We configure and kit mobile devices using Android Enterprise and iOS tools for mass deployments. We store and “same-day” ship hardware and accessories. We stock everything you need in your catalog- not just what the carriers have in their catalog.

PointMan ExchangeTM
with “Positive Due-Back Retrieval”

PointMan ExchangeTM is a White Glove Onsite Exchange A specialized courier holds the replacement device until the site hands over the device being replaced, assuring devices due back to the depot are retrieved every time.

Onsite Services

We repair, install (kiosks), and train – onsite. 


Certified on all the major EMM applications, configurations, and management.

Asset Management

We track your assets throughout the lifecycle. We integrate with your own asset management software.

Policy and end user support

We help you build a rules-based engine, incorporate it into the software, and keep end users within the rules. We offer 24/7 help desk support for end users in a single portal and phone number on any device and carrier.

Expense management

The Gartner Magic Quadrant expense management module consistently saves the most money on mobile and fixed carrier expenses in one platform.

Asset Retrieval, Refresh and Recycle

Unique and superior automation gets more of your assets returned, and delivers a greater, guaranteed value.



Fixed and Mobile Management in One Solution

When you need to connect your out-of-office workers to an environment that represents all that your enterprise has to offer, you need strong, competent, cutting-edge Mobile Managed Solutions (MMS) to monitor and manage the rapidly expanding devices, users, applications, carriers, and security processes.

Enterprise mobility management services encompass the procurement, use, and management of mobile devices, applications, and services that help build a solid bridge between mobile worker and the core of your business.

What Can Mobile Managed Solutions Do for Your Business?

We ease the burden placed on your organization’s IT department by unifying the multiple platforms and organizations that enable mobile devices and users in a single point of accountability and control behind a single portal.

A strong MMS program enables the mobile support teams from financial planning, procurement, IT, end user support, security, application licensing, and asset control to interoperate. This in turn enables mobile workers to securely interact with corporate resources and more effectively and efficiently operate in the field. 

Here are some challenges PointMan MMS can help your business overcome:

With the proliferation of devices and the growth of mobile workers and remotely-monitored machines in the IoT, many companies face complex challenges across a variety of areas of operation. Here are just a few of the challenges our robust MMS program can tackle:

1. Enable Cross-Functional Team Interoperability and Competitive Advantage

Many businesses are deluged with an increasing number of smart phones and tablets, operating systems, machine-to-machine devices, EMM licenses, applications, and carriers. The support teams are silos using different platforms with little or no visibility into the other’s activity, so they cannot interoperate. Senior management has little insight into the big picture.   

Our Mobile Managed Services enable organizations to achieve interoperability of their cross-functional mobile support teams and senior management insight for leveraging IoT for competitive advantage

2. Free Staff Time for Brighter Work

Managing the lifecycle of an exploding number of mobile devices and the associated applications, users, EMMs, and carriers puts tremendous pressure on the IT organization. How does the organization recruit, staff, and train more people to stay in front of this fast-changing area? PointManagement brings immediate expertise and award-winning enabling technology to effectively and efficiently take on the challenges and scale as your needs grow. That shortens the curve for getting competitive and reduces the need to add and train staff in a non-core area of the business, saving time and money.

Our MMS program can free up your IT staff to focus on more strategic work while we manage your mobile assets and processes.

3. Empower Mobile Workers

Your mobile workers will appreciate our “I know you” customer service, which saves them time and aggravation to better empower them to do their jobs.  We provide a single portal for all users with their devices, carrier, policy, data plan, and contract information. They can make changes and upgrade within the context of a rules-based engine we create based on your policy. And we give them one phone number to call and get immediate help instead of a runaround.

Our customer service technology and “I know you” help desk enable your mobile knowledge workers to get back on task quickly and effectively.

4. Asset Control and Logistics Rooted in FedEx Operations Excellence

PointManagement is rooted in FedEx operations excellence. Our founder injected logistics precision into what he saw as a relatively sleepy and uncommitted IT Services industry. If you need mass deployment, asset management, or RMA support logistics services tied into a single MMS and Telecom portal, you will want to include PointManagement among the suppliers you consider. With 99.5% on time and right process fulfillment, we lead the category.

5. Reduce Operating Expense

Your carrier expense is a growing cost center, and most businesses find the wireless expense mushrooming quickly. Our Telcom Expense Management software audit your carrier expense on a daily basis against your policy and carrier contracts to take carrier expense to the absolute minimum. Our clients typically see at least 20% savings that can be directed to other initiatives.

Mobile and Fixed Telecom SaaS Integrated with Your Systems

PointManagement delivers the full arsenal of lifecycle services that enable seamless interoperation of mobile workers, support teams, and suppliers. We integrate your corporate systems to further leverage your investment in corporate software for procurement, asset management, finance, travel, and other functional areas. All in a single software solution for both wireless and fixed line telecom.

We offer best practices single point of control and accountability and control for the full lifecycle:

Where We Operate

We supply Mobile Solutions for enterprise customers everywhere across the US and Canada. From our central location in the Greater Chicago Area, we proudly service all of the US and Canada. Contact us directly to find out how we can optimize your mobile fleet today!