How Managed Print Services Are So Much Better Than Ever

How Managed Print Services Are So Much Better Than Ever
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Using managed print services to optimize an office? It’s a growing trend. In fact, according to business research group Quocirca, at least 65 percent of businesses do – and that number is growing.

The managed services industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and new providers appear daily. However, in the sea of professionals ready to help companies attain operational efficiency, it can be hard to spot the companies which provide the best value in the long run.

Managed print services deliver significant savings and benefits to companies that deploy them, but not all MPS providers are created equal. Read on to discover the value of managed print services, and how some providers take that value a step further to create additional savings.

The Value of Managed Print Services

Over the last decade, managed print services have become incredibly popular. They’re well-known for their ability to help companies streamline their print environment to make it a lean, effective, productivity-driving process within a company. Traditionally, some of the most common value derived from an MPS include:

Total Visibility of the Print Environment

It’s difficult to eliminate over-printing – and thus overspending on print supplies – if the company doesn’t know exactly how much it’s printing. An MPS injects much-needed clarity into a print environment by installing tracking software, centralizing the printers, and metering supply usage. The result? The company knows exactly what gets printed, where, when, and by whom.

Workflow Optimization

Printing is as natural to a company as breathing is to people. It’s so natural that it often goes unnoticed unless there’s a problem. Even then, many companies trundle along with inefficiencies that workers assume are simply a part of doing business. A managed service provider, however, realigns the print environment so that it plays a supporting role in the greater business ecosystem. Say goodbye to inefficient document processes and say hello to an optimized workflow that gets documents where they need to go – and fast.

Reduced Waste and Overuse

According to the EPA, the average office worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper per year. To put that into perspective, that’s about 20 reams of paper. The EPA also estimates that at least three of those reams will end up immediately in the recycling bin, but only one and three-fourths of those reams will even get recycled. However, what if an office never even had to buy those three reams of paper? With an MPS, that’s possible. An MPS provider helps reduce office waste by reducing unnecessary printing.

Improved Information Security

Believe it or not: printers are one of the easiest devices in an office to hack. They’re a security risk and one that companies frequently overlook. An MPS provider helps make sure this doesn’t happen by introducing and configuring the appropriate printer security features.

Time and Money Savings

Finally, MPS providers wouldn’t be popular if they didn’t deliver the most important value of all: time and cost savings. With an MPS, a company can eliminate costly situations like downtime, outsourced print jobs, unexpected maintenance calls, excessive supply purchasing, and much more.

How The Savings Now Go Further

A good MPS delivers on all five of those points. However, with MPS providers so popular now, it’s a good idea to look for providers that take things a step further. An experienced provider can deliver increased savings through offerings such as:

  • Remanufactured toner programs and deals. Using remanufactured toner is a great way to acquire cost savings without reduced quality. According to Point Management’s in-house specialists, the average price of OEM toner per milliliter is twice the price of human blood. Using remanufactured toner can help reduce that cost by 30 to 60 percent.
  • Predictive maintenance routines. Predictive maintenance is a proactive strategy that uses condition-monitoring tools to spot problems before they arise based on the machine’s performance. Rather than simply adhering to a maintenance schedule – or worse, waiting for something to go wrong – MPS providers that use predictive maintenance help companies save time, money, and stress.
  • Performance-verified strategies. It’s the age of data-driven decision making, and nothing should be left to guesswork. The use of strategies for which the outcomes are known reflects an experienced provider that understands their industry, tools, and devices.

Ensure Success by Keeping the Printers On Point

Managed print services are a popular addition to an office environment. Known for their ability to introduce efficiency and cost savings into a workplace, many companies turn to them. However, not all MPS providers are made equal. While there are many skilled and professional providers available, only some will actively find ways to take the value they provide a step further than the rest. Ensure success by enlisting the help of an MPS provider dedicated to helping you achieve it.

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